We want to personally thank all of the volunteers who made RCTV’s last 10 years an enormous success. Many of you produced television programs or served as crew members for various televised events. All of your time and effort keeps RCTV prospering as a great communications resource for the residents of the Town of Randolph. Without your hard work and dedication none of this would be possible. We look forward to continued operation and success in the future. Thank you!

Awards and Recognition

Telly Awards
- Telly Awards are a national video competition featuring the best in TV and Cable, Digital Streaming, and Non-Broadcast Productions.
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Congratulations to the “Randolph In Action” TV program;
- Executive Producer, David C. Murphy
- Producer, Stuart Schoenfeld
- Editor/Videographer, David Ciccariella

Also, Congratulations to the “Comic Con” TV program;
- Producer/Host/Editor, David Ciccariella
- Videographer, Brian L. Liss
- Videographer, Stuart Schoenfeld